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Welcome to our stove and liner fitting page!  Our fitters are HETAS registered and will carry out installations safely and with the utmost regard for your property.  A stove or fire is a major investment for your home and every care will be taken to get you the result you want.  Scaffolding may be necessary both for the safety of fitters but also to enable the work to be conducted efficiently and professionally.

On many occasions it is best to line the chimney where the stove is to be fitted particularly if the property is old.  Sometimes chimneys need to be lined even if your intention is to have an open fire.  In old properties leaking of smoke and carbon monoxide into bedrooms and loft spaces can be a real hazard and the lining of such chimneys is often seen as best practice.  

The selection of a stove is a very personal one and there are many styles available. The size of your stove needs to be calculated either by our fitters or a bone-fide stove seller.  We only fit DEFRA approved stoves and highly recommend that you opt for clean air stove because of their enhanced efficiency and also because of they are better for the environment.  

Whichever stove or fireplace you choose you can rely on us to fit it to the standards required by Document J of building regulations and of course to your personal satisfaction.  Contact us for a free no-obligation estimate!

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